3:26pm August 4, 2014


Here we go, for that #dawnofadventure series! First poster is from #secretofmana and there are 50 available, right now! HERE!

RPG fans assemble and share :)

12:13am April 24, 2014



Secret of Mana - All Elements

Undine, Gnome, Sylphid, Salamando, Wisp, Luna, Shade aaaaaaaand Dryad <3

1:01am November 14, 2012
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Opening Theme - Secret Of Mana

6:27pm August 3, 2010
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  • Artist: Secret Of Mana
  • Track Name: Opening Theme

Secret of Mana - Opening Theme

The opening theme to the classic game Secret Of Mana. Upon hearing this song I instantly knew this game was going to be special. Squaresoft never fails to compose music for their games that are as immersive as the storylines themselves. Traveling across plains, facing whatever may cross my path, this song puts me in the perfect mood for a good adventure.