8:09pm April 19, 2014

The gods are toying with us.

5:31pm April 18, 2014


phontes asked: ashe or fran?

1:22am April 2, 2014
12:33am March 25, 2014


I LOVE these characters

8:53pm March 22, 2014

ff meme: two outfits (1/2)
→ ashelia b’nargin dalmasca’s wedding dress

12:42pm March 13, 2014


Final Fantasy XII: Vaan/Balthier/Basch Quickenings

12:07am March 13, 2014
11:33pm February 26, 2014
11:43pm February 23, 2014


Final Fantasy XII - Artwork by Akihiko Yoshida

SkyPirDen - Crystal

-> missrikaru

12:19am January 18, 2014


Oh my god, yes Balthier.

11:28pm January 16, 2014


I wish we could have had some optional cutscene of Balthier teaching Vaan how to fly the Strahl.

4:42am January 12, 2014
3:57am January 12, 2014
5:47am December 25, 2013


Favorite Video Game Characters (Part 2/?)Ashelia B’nargin Dalmasca (Final Fantasy XII)

"Dalmasca does not forget kindness nor ill deed done.  With sword in hand she aids her allies, sword in hand, she lays rest to her foes.  This nethicite I hold must be my sword.  I will avenge those who have died.  And the Empire will know remorse."