12:04am September 28, 2014
11:27am September 24, 2014

Feel my pain! Come, Anima!

8:14pm September 21, 2014
1:16am September 21, 2014

the journey [elle plays ffx] - 10/?
     it all begins here.

10:02pm September 7, 2014

You’re still just a kid. You’ve got limitless potential running through your veins.

8:04pm September 7, 2014

the journey [elle plays ffx] - 32/?
     their awkwardness is SO adorable.

1:31pm September 4, 2014


“Stay with me until the end. Please.”
“Not until the end… Always.”
“Always, then.”

- Robot Koch - Nitesky

8:31pm September 3, 2014
3:02pm August 30, 2014

I gave in, I accepted, I believed. I allowed it to be true. I thought I’d able to go through with it without ever doubting myself. But I— It hurt so much.

1:17pm August 29, 2014

the journey [elle plays ffx] - 36/?     the destruction of kilika, pt. 2

the journey [elle plays ffx] - 36/?
     the destruction of kilika, pt. 2

10:51pm August 28, 2014

"These mark the grave of dead summoners and guardians who failed.
Summoners that die up here…aren’t sent to the Farplane.
Who would send them? They die alone.”

9:36pm August 24, 2014


          i wanted to change the world, too.
               but, i changed nothing.

11:26am August 23, 2014

Shiva…. *-* Pixiv ID: 4008192


Shiva…. *-* 

Pixiv ID: 4008192