12:21am August 13, 2011

Get to know me, put this together :)

1. Luis Bello, my last name means beautiful in spanish, my dad always tells me it’s ironic

2. 21, June 20th is my birthday, right on time for the beginning of summer :)

3. Ariel Viera is my best friend 

4. Single

5. no piercings here

6. I dont think I want any, never been into them

7. once again, none

8. they look awesome on other people, but i wouldnt get one 

9. I have a list of favorite blogs:

and a couple more :)

10. No matter how old I get I think I’ll always be a gamer at heart, thus gamerspirit

11. It’s a tie between Muse and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Honorable mention to my favorite Jrock band, Shocking Lemon

12. Fight Club, American Psycho, Rat Race, Old Boy, I Am Legend

13. I like to joke around, and I’ll try to take every conversation on a light hearted, humorous tone, unless it’s serious of course

14. I dont hate anything about myself, there are things i would change, but nothing I hate.

15. I love that my hair requires 0 work, i just wake up and it’s straight and good, I also love being taller than a lot of people

16. I want to program the next big thing, I wanna be a bigshot programmer for bigshot company, inc.

17. a perfect date for me would be some good food and then afterwards an open place with an amazing view, like the Brooklyn Bridge at night, where we can sit and just talk 

18. I hate liars, and people who invade personal space. 

19. food is my weakness, free food destroys me

20. I strongly fear the thought of being alone, although i dont think it reaches phobia level

21. losing sweet, sweet valuable sleep

22. obviously it would be girls for me, but I found eyes really attractive, I love a girl who is passionate about what she talks about, and I’m really attracted to quiet shy girls, because they have entire stories to tell if someone would give them the chance

23. Hazel eyes, confidence, girls that take control

24. cockiness, girls who act dumb, ghetto girls

25. 111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321

26. “Sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken.”

27. nothing at the moment, nope

28. She let her fucking ego go to her head and she threw away the only person who really cared about her like if he was trash

29. when I beat Crisis Core last week, yeah I’m not ashamed

30. Personality, looks really don’t mean anything to me, given the choice, I would take a girl that I connect with and feel comfortable around any day over a model. 

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