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reblog if you want anonymous opinions of you

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Flemeth once told me that temptation lies in the forbidden. ‘Do not follow me,’ I said, and slipped into the shadows. Some doors should never be re-opened. —Morrigan, Dragon Age Origins. ()

1:04am April 24, 2014
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Secret of Mana - All Elements

Undine, Gnome, Sylphid, Salamando, Wisp, Luna, Shade aaaaaaaand Dryad <3

8:56pm April 23, 2014
All Men Must Die

All Men Must Die

8:35pm April 23, 2014

make me choose : Joel or Booker [requested by BONESMCOY]

8:15pm April 23, 2014

I’m currently obsessed with the Hotline Miami soundtrack, It’s honestly my favorite music right now to program to and it’s just amazing in general

8:09pm April 23, 2014

Battle-hardened and masters of close combat, warriors are pivotal to any group entering battle. As front-line fighters, they absorb the brunt of opponent attacks, steal enemy focus, and create an opening for deadly ranged assaults from other classes. While some warriors prefer visceral, sweeping damage, many are silverite-clad bulwarks, weathering any blows they don’t deflect with their shields.

Those who can tap into the raw energy of the Fade and block the whispering temptations of demons are truly exceptional. When they turn that mental focus onto the field of war, they can be truly terrifying opponents. Rains of fire, walls of ice, or even the ability to heal allies make up a mage’s toolkit. Most employ considerable skills rendering foes not only weakened, but also vulnerable to physical attacks, setting up opportunities for their teammates to exploit.

Armed with bows, daggers, and any number of dirty tricks, the rogue’s primary focus is damage: tearing foes down one at a time with systematic efficiency. Rogues commonly use a mixture of stealth and mobility to reach positions of advantage, be it a sniper’s perch away from enemy blades or behind an unsuspecting mage. Deadly and resourceful, rogues can tip the balance of any strategic assault.


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6:05pm April 23, 2014
gankteemo asked: I\m just randomly sitting here in team builder que, and realized how badass a cosplay Natalie Dormer would be as Jinx. Her face/smile is perfect. Also, she's 32, and looks 20. wtf.

YES, I’ve actually thought about this too, that thing she does with her mouth (I call it mind control for all men on Earth) would go perfect with Jinx’s personality. Ahhhh what I’d give to see that cosplay

5:59pm April 23, 2014

Did you run your marathon like that?
It was so much easier for the training, ‘cause, really sweaty, y’know. So much easier just to wash the hair - half the time! I’m probably lighter as well.
I’m assuming one kind of turn was probably a lot easier and the other turn was, like, a huge draft.
Aerodynamic, yeah!

5:16pm April 23, 2014

what’s your favorite video game soundtrack (non FF/KH/LOZ because I have them all) and your favorite movie score? could you link your favorite song from each?